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San Esteban in Province of Ilocos Sur (Ilocos) is located in Philippines about 192 mi (or 308 km) north of Manila, the country’s capital town.

The Spaniards named the pueblo (the equivalent of a municipality in present-day terms) San Esteban (formerly known as Cabagbagototan) because they have received reports of a vagabond named Iban having been stoned to death and beheaded by hostile natives in the place called “Naglawlawayan,” which is an early place of worship by the natives, and currently the site of the municipal cemetery. “Iban” is the Ilocano equivalent of “Stephen,” hence the pueblo being named San Esteban.

San Esteban was founded by Agustinian friars in 1625, but was always attached to Nueva Coveta (present-day Burgos) and to the municipality of Santiago until 1911. It was once a visita of Narvacan because of a shortage of ministers.


As a coastal province, the residents of Ilocos Sur during the Spanish colonial period had to make efforts to protect the city from pirates and other possible invaders hailing from the sea. The Spaniards often resorted to dedicated structures in critical positions across the province that would not only alert them of the pirates’ presence, but also contain the necessary equipment to defend the area.

One of these structures is the Bateria Watchtower, also known as the Moro Watchtower, a white circular structure overlooking the coast of Barangay Bateria in the municipality of San Esteban. Known as the oldest landmark in the town, the Moro Watchtower now serves as a great opportunity for tourists to get a memorable view of the sea.

Apatot fishport

The Community Fish Landing Center (CFLC) Program seeks to reduce poverty among poor fishing communities and promotes”inclusive growth” in the fishery sector. It provides a comprehensive framework to address poverty through the provision of appropriate livelihoods and promotion of ecologically sound, economically viable and socially equitable interventions.

It is implemented by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) and the Local Government Units (LGUs).

Fish sanctuary

The province of Ilocos Sur has a healthy culture, stories, and travel destinations. San Esteban Fish Sanctuary is just one of the best in the province that is certified tourist destination because of its unique and amazing picturesque. The ocean, with the reflection of the skies, greets the visitors with its instagrammable landscape. The water is cool and crystal clear waters surrounded by unique rocks formation which preserves the tranquility in the area. This is also the perfect diving. Fish Sanctuary is definitely one of the must visit tourist spots and destinations in San Esteban, Ilocos Sur.

La Sagrada Montaña

“The Holy Mountain”

This site is dedicated to Mama Mary and the word “La Sagrada Montaña” in spanish means “The Holy Mountain”.
A 360 view of San Esteban can be view from here with the fresh mountain air whistling by.

Port Adventure

The only waterpark in Ilocos Sur

Be a fun loving adventurer and enjoy our exhilarating yet safe slides,navigate your way to the treasure chest in our long winding pool and relax at our sheds and cabanas.